What Employers are Looking for from Their Employees

Your employer is most concerned about his bottom line. As a resource into which an investment is being made you are of the greatest benefit when you are a cost-effective part of your company or organization. Here are 8 qualities or skills that you should possess or develop to dazzle your employer:


Be on time and ready to work whenever you are scheduled to begin. Nothing is more frustrating to an employer than having a list of things that need to be done and having to wait on someone to start them.


Keep your word. If you say you can do something in a certain amount of time and at a certain quality level; then do it. If you run into issues it is better to communicate them when you discover them and extend your deadline then to simply not meet it.

Follow Directions

An employer gives you directions in order to guide you toward a particular finished product. Following directions will help you to produce the desired result.


It is extremely frustrating for an employer to constantly have to direct you to do your job. It is equally as frustrating for your employer to constantly have to answer your questions. Learn to motivate yourself and increase your competence and skill level.


Everyone starts with particular levels of skill. Even the janitor has a specific skill level. What dazzles your employer is that you keep your skills sharp and maintain a steady growth in your skill set.


If you maintain a coachable/teachable attitude your employer can always help you become a better employee. Areas where you have low level skills can be transformed into high quality assets if you are willing to learn.

Quality Work

Have pride in the quality of your work. If you are never satisfied with a low quality of work you will always be striving to produce greater quality and that will get you noticed.

Long Term

The cost of paperwork and training for new employees is a huge expense. By having a long-term attitude, taking on an extra work-load to avoid hiring additional employees and working toward advancement you can help your employer keep his costs down. A greater return on the investment in you will definitely dazzle your employer.

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