Finding Government Jobs in Australia

The number and range of governmental jobs in any country is massive. Governments act on a number of different levels, they have many different departments, and they need specialists in a variety of fields as well as more generally skilled workers. They need admin and managerial staff, people to look after their buildings, and talented political analysts. They also need people with knowledge and experience of all areas of policy. Working for the government can mean many different types of employment, both within the country and abroad.

In order to find a suitable government job it is important to know where to look. This means finding out which government bodies and departments are likely to be recruiting people with your skills, and where the vacancies will be listed.

In addition to its federal government, Australia is governed at the state and territory levels.

Federal job vacancies are advertised in the APS gazette. These vacancies are available online at Searches can be narrowed down by location, type of work and government department, and it is possible to arrange for new jobs that match your criteria to be emailed to you every week.

Federal departments usually also advertise their vacancies on their own websites. If you are interested in working for a particular department then you can find out more about them and any vacancies from their site. The Australian military is a major recruiter. Defense jobs are advertised at

State and territory governments and local councils also list job openings on their own websites, and they often offer some careers advice and information about what it is like to work for them. Links to the jobs sites of the territories and states can be found at Council websites can be accessed through

Government departments may also offer internships and programs for young people, students and recent graduates. The federal government runs an apprenticeship in information and communication technology, for example. Details at

Government vacancies can be found offline by directly contacting the department or through contacts already working in the government.

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