Are You a Workaholic?

Are you a workaholic? Take this test We all know them: the people who are at work all the time. They come in early and make up for it by leaving late. Some love what they do; others are avoiding chores or strife at home; still others feel like more ... Read More

Culture Shock: Working on Foreign Shores

Earlier this month, the Australian government ran events in Athens and Berlin called Skills Australia Needs. It was an attempt to lure Greeks and Germans to fill shortages in industries such as healthcare and engineering. It's all very well to attract foreign workers, but once they are here and working ... Read More

Top 10 Job Hunting Blunders

Over the top… excessive makeup and jewellery can put off your potential employer. Zanny email addresses, typos and spelling mistakes in cover letters and resumes, poor preparation for job interviews … these are just some of the job hunting sins that will get your application binned. surveyed recruiters and ... Read More

7 Tips to Preparing Your Resume

Employers and agents actually hire after an interview. To decide who they will interview they examine resumes to get a quick glimpse of a prospective employee or client. They want to spend no more than five minutes of their time looking at each resume. Consequently you have five minutes to ... Read More

Part Time Jobs For Busy Mums

Most families today have to make ends meet by both adults having to work. The best scenario for this is for one to work full-time, while the other works part-time. But, if you are a mum, then you know that finding the time to work a part-time job can be ... Read More

Finding Government Jobs in Australia

The number and range of governmental jobs in any country is massive. Governments act on a number of different levels, they have many different departments, and they need specialists in a variety of fields as well as more generally skilled workers. They need admin and managerial staff, people to look ... Read More