7 Tips to Preparing Your Resume

Employers and agents actually hire after an interview. To decide who they will interview they examine resumes to get a quick glimpse of a prospective employee or client. They want to spend no more than five minutes of their time looking at each resume. Consequently you have five minutes to sell yourself. Use these seven tips to sharpen your resume and bring yourself better luck:

Have a specific objective

Be specific and communicate clearly why you would like to be a part of the company to which you are applying and why you want a specific position. This should be at least one concise sentence and never 3 or more.

Always list the newest first

When listing education or job experience always list your newest schools or jobs first. Your potential employer wants to know where you’ve been recently and what skills and knowledge are freshest.

List your skills according to the objective

When you are listing specific skills that you have make certain that you list them in order to target your objective. You may have several dozen skills, like shoeing horses for a water-polo team, but that isn’t a priority to someone who needs a staff accountant to do tax returns, so it should be lower on your list.

Hobbies, interests, clubs and awards are important

The main purpose of a resume is to sell yourself well enough to get an interview. By including hobbies, interests, clubs and awards in your resume you can create common ground with your potential employer or agent. It also helps create lead-in questions for a more comfortable interview.

Clean and sharp is a must

A crisp, well organized presentation that is pleasing to the eye tells an employer that you are conscientious and take pride in your appearance. Make your resume look crisp and clean just like you will dress yourself when you go for your interview.

Cover pages must be targeted to the job

Pay attention to what the employer requests in a cover letter if required. Put only a brief statement of your employment objective, plus the information requested; typically contact information.

Less is more

Remember the 5 minute rule. The information on your resume should be thorough, but concise with lots of white-space for a quick read.

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